Spray foam Garage Insulation


When it comes to garage insulation, make sure you know the R that would be required to make sure you have a secure, warm seal and the right value needed. It should be at least R20, which is a code in Toronto. Our professionals work the way as per the standards and deliver exceptional results applying proper techniques.

This gives a maximum R-value for your walls when you are framing with a 2/4 piece on wood. Make sure when you are doing the garage ceiling insulation, which is the roof, you are using a value of R31, which is also a code in Toronto, and this would be 5 inches. This will give you the perfect warmth you are seeking and looking for.


With a 2Lb closed cell spray foam product, this is the best energy effective way to reduce all your cost with garage door insulation. It prevents cold air from sneaking into it and also have the garage temperature intact which you desire in all months and seasons of the year.

Spray Foaming your garage is a great way to enjoy it. Why not get it done by Fireproofing Toronto.