Crawl space insulation

crawl space insulation toronto

When it comes to keeping your crawl space moist free, dry, and also the warmth or cool, you need to consider crawl space insulation by spray foaming it.


Because you have many more positives and zero negatives to get a mold-free product and an insulation R-value like no other. Our best opinion would be to put an R24 on all your walls, which would be 3.5 inches and all the floor pockets full, giving you a maximum seal in that crawl space insulation with your new 2lbs spray foam closed cell product! This will provide you with year-round safety to all harmful whether we can see in Toronto!

At Fireproofing Toronto, we intend to give a warranty on all our products. So there’s nothing to worry about if anything wrong that happens once in a blue moon. We have satisfied customers, and no one has complained regarding the services. Instead, they have sent compliments that can make your trust our crawl space insulation services.

It’s a great choice to get crawl space insulation with spray foam. You will be happy once it’s done with no worries that your stuff will ever get wet or damp.

This is your solution, and the benefits of spray foaming your crawl space and very cost-effective.