Attic Insulation

commercial spray foam insulation

The attic is said to be the vital part that needs proper insulation to retain the house’s inner temperature. At Fire Proofing Toronto, we make sure this happens to perfection. Your attic insulation cost will surely be worth as our professionals know how to get things done in the right manner.

From the time attic insulation in Toronto has gained hype, our professionals work day-in and day out to deliver exceptional services for our client satisfaction. The proper attic insulation with spray foam keeps that warmth or cold air intact for a long time, thereby reducing the usage of heaters and air-conditioners for a long time and put a bearing on utility bills.

There are a couple of options for achieving the R-Value you need in your attic insulation. You can use a standard blown-in method that most builders are using and are commonly used. The rValue you are going to want to reach is an r60. This is code for your blown-in products. It will keep your home nice and warm and letting to airflow nicely through your attic area.

If you want to step it up and get the best flow and recycle it where the air is being reused and using less energy and gas in your home, you should look into spray framing it and giving it an rValue of r31 which would be 5 inches in your attic.

This would be a solid right seal throughout the whole attic giving you a savings year-round and year to year to come and a mold-free product in the event you ever leaked your roof. So you would also be protecting your home and saving money long term.

Is there something to think about when it comes to the insulation in your attic? If it’s you forever home, go the route of spray foam and make it last a lifetime.